Board of Directors

Sonny Cho

Mr. Cho is a seasoned executive in real estate investment and financing, international business development and start-up ventures. He is fluent in Korean and English and holds a bachelor of arts degree in commerce and economics from the University of Toronto. He is an integral part of the team who oversees the day to day management of the KCBA.

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Board Of Directors

Sonny Cho (조성용) 416-822-8939
Seungman Oscar Yoo (유승만) 416-875-2603
Younghwan Kim (김영환)  n/a 416-817-0888
Justin Chung (정영진) 647-201-1777
Suzie Han (한수지) 416-602-0114
Jaehan Choi (최재한)  n/a 416-886-3347
Gabriel Lee (이화영)  n/a 647-772-8438
Rok Bong Kim (김륵븡)  n/a  416-890-0670
Simon Ham  n/a 647-532-4198
Jong Rai Park (박종례) 416-888-0068
Joseph Kim (김석조) 416-706-8895
Robert Lee (이유림) 416-805-0656
John Lee  (이재환)  n/a 647-648-8118
Hyun Woong Kim (김현웅)  n/a 416-716-4619
John Huh (허욱) 416-388-2886
Jamie Lee  n/a 416-333-7094
Solang Mun 416-893-1343
 Edward Chun (천동은) 416-972-1510
 Brian Min