President – John Jung Uk Ko

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal Recipient

Grand Master Ko is an accredited 8th Degree Black Belt recognized by the World Tae Kwon Do federation and Ontario Tae Kwon Do Association respectively. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Golden Jubilee award.
This reward is awarded to Canadians who have made an outstanding and exemplary contribution to communities and Canadians. It also distinguishes how a contribution has helped in the Canada of today and on the achievements of younger Canadians who are actively contributing to our future.
Master Ko through continued contributions to communities actively aspires to be a leader to the community members he mentors in his school. This attitude resonates throughout the club and amongst the members he teaches enriching the club environment.
No other Tae Kwon Do instructor, owner or operator in Canada has been awarded this distinguished and honourable award. Grand Master Ko has been a well-regarded and respected Tae Kwon Do practitioner well over 25 years in the GTA. He possesses a dedicated and unwavering work ethic and endeavours to help everyone achieve greatness at his school. He is well recognized for his charisma, talent and versatility in teaching a variety of highly skilled manoeuvres. From self-defence techniques stemming from Hap Ki Do to his competence in teaching effective ground techniques in grappling and of course his unsurpassed ability to wow a crowd in his remarkable Tae Kwon Do abilities. He is a teacher, a mentor and a catalyst to the amazing transformation students feel in themselves as they grow to love the school and sense of belonging.
Master Ko is a member of the Willowdale Rotary Club and is a strong supporter of many community and youth organizations in the GTA.