Joe Fiorini, Corporate Financial Advisor

About Joe Fiorini

Joseph Fiorini had an accomplished 20 year career on Bay Street as an infrastructure and equity banker at several firms including Midland Doherty, Merrill Lynch Canada and TD Securities. At Merrill Lynch, Joe played a significant role in helping Merrill to secure its mandate to execute the University of Toronto’s inaugural bond offering, the first in Canada. At TD, Joe played a significant role in multiple financings within the university sector. During this time, Joe began work in the First Nation sector applying innovative financing technology to address funding gaps for infrastructure. While at TD Securities, Joe was instrumental to the financing of the Deh Cho Bridge mandate (largest infrastructure project in the north). Over many years Joe has become a productive advice channel with the Federal Government and the provincial Liberal government.  Since leaving Bay Street in 2008, Joe founded JF and Partners focusing a majority of his effort on the natural resource sector and providing Corporate Finance advice to corporations and First Nations across Canada.